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Quality is an elusive commodity all of us seek in all facets of our daily lives. We demand quality goods and services and in all things that contribute to a quality life.

Quality by definition is: A degree of excellence. A distinctive property or character.

AccuBond Corporation manufactures adhesive products. Our primary goal concerning quality is to control the tangible and intangible in our manufacturing process to make our products the best they can be. To achieve this goal we must eliminate the vagueness of the quality concept through Controls.

Control of all aspects of our manufacturing process. Control of the tangibles in our process will guarantee products of the highest quality. Control of the intangibles will ensure the quality of our service and the way the customer feels about AccuBond.

Through teamwork and a common sense approach to our everyday operations we will assure our customers the quality goods and service they require.

AccuBond's, "Quality Assurance Program" provides the tools necessary to reach our goal of producing the highest quality goods and service. But it is the responsibility of everyone at AccuBond to implement this program and ensure that our reputation for the highest quality grows now and into the future.


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Our definition of quality is not only meeting, but consistently exceeding the requirements and expectation of our customers.