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We've all been there...

Maneuvering through seemingly endless telephone and voicemail systems... Finding yourself faced with the challenge of dealing with someone on the other end of the line who is inexperienced or untrained to meet your company's needs...Finally reaching someone who thinks they know what product you need, only to discover the high prices, long lead time, exorbitant freight costs and vendor-mandated quantities and shipping requirements. How many additional phone calls will be necessary to check on the status of your order or to determine the reason for a delay? When your order arrives, will it be accurate? Will the products be high quality and adequately meet your needs? How much of your money will be tied up in inventory that you don't need?

At AccuBond, we put the customer first in everything we do. We guarantee immediate response to your needs and a quick turnaround time. We never mandate order quantities, and offer prompt and reliable shipping at a significantly lower cost. You can feel confident that once you've placed your needs with us, the entire process will be worry-free...from beginning to end.


At AccuBond, the entire team is dedicated to servicing the customer.

  • Immediate response to customers' needs by friendly, knowledgeable people
  • Technical support and customer service representation are on site to quickly and effectively answer questions and provide solutions
  • Our staff is committed to receiving on-going training in the latest technological advancements
  • Great care is taken to ensure that the right formulation is designed to fit customer-specific applications
  • Products are thoroughly tested and designed to maximize efficiency and performance
  • Extensive resources within the industry ensure our ability to meet customers' needs


With the finest products, fastest turnaround time and unbeatable service, AccuBond is unmistakably the best value in the industry.

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Our definition of quality is not only meeting, but consistently exceeding the requirements and expectation of our customers.